Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Special Gift

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The joy of holding gifts unwrapped
faded soon and left me trapped
in a cluttered cage of useless things
I’d fly away from had I wings.

Toys and treats, cards and games
Books and stuff with confusing names.
Parental love made the list endless;
what I truly wanted none did guess.

Did you ask me for a clue
before concluding you knew
what would truly give me joy?
No, it’s not the market’s latest toy.

Next time you wonder what to gift
I hope your attitude sees a shift,
it is clearly your time that I need,
please do pay this wish some heed.

Hold my hand, let’s have some fun
as we play and picnic in the sun,
tell me stories, join me in a race;
say you love me in better ways.

I’ll grow out of all things money can buy,
pleasures of possession will soon turn dry.
But the time you shared I’ll always cherish
like our mutual love that will never perish.

This post was written as part of the Ultimate blog challenge and the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge


  1. That second to last verse says it all, it is wonderful.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful poem. It's a must read for all the parents out there.

    1. Thank you :) All children need is quality time, but unfortunately so many parents out there are too busy at the wrong time!