Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Last Wish

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As my life slowly slips away
I wish I had one more day
to make you listen with your heart
though it sure is a very late start.

I have nothing left but a few beats
of a tender heart that painfully bleeds
and a thousand thoughts never shared
for you were busy and not once cared.

The rare moments you were all ears
I poured out my heart and fears;
you thought they were silly, absurd
and didn't utter a single word.

I shared my life all these years
with one who just heard with ears,
did you listen my love, with your heart
to my last few words, as we part?

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  1. Hi Vidya, Is there more of a story behind this poem? In high school we were always asked to look for more information behind the poem. I specifically remember one poem called "After Apple Picking" by Robert Frost. The commentaries wrote about special meanings behind being tired. However when I listened to an interview with the author about that poem, his response to the question about special meanings was simply "I was just tired after picking apples all day".

    1. haha there is not much of a story, but when I see people staring onto their phones and computers while a friend is trying hard to speak to them, get their attention I often wonder whether they are they actually listening!

  2. I can totally relate to the line "for you were busy and not once cared". How we miss people when they leave us while we keep shooing them away while they are around.

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  3. HI Vidya,

    Very Poignant.

    "did you listen my love, with your heart
    to my last few words, as we part? " keeps echoing in my ears. Simply awesome.

  4. Wow, you have penned beautifully. The last two lines touched my heart.... :)