Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Goddess

Image courtesy: Google

Strange are the ways of our society,
stained with sins yet preaches piety.
Women worshiped akin to God
yet for a little space, made to slog.

Daughters educated for a fine match,
confined within the matrimonial patch.
“Be ambitious competent and bold
yet meek and homely” they’re told

Widows burnt alive, paraded
their lives considered faded,
the childless with  a womb cursed
survive a living hell, lips pursed.

Glorified as an incarnation of God,
over her dreams and feelings they trod.
Don’t mistake her silence for weakness,
see the strength behind her meekness.

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  1. A strong message here and you've unmasked the weird and illogical aspects of this society...their perspective with the womenfolk... very well penned :-)

  2. Thank you, yes I really can't understand why there are so many illogical expectations from a woman, and when it comes to judging them the very same people are in the forefront...