Sunday, 11 January 2015

Foe to Friend

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I nestled quiet and sleeping
in the deep darkness soothing,
blissful oblivion of awakening light
nurturing slumber in a permanent night.

Rays that enlightened I feared,
unending darkness I cheered.
My formidable foe clad in colours of light
once came knocking at my door shut tight.

“Darkness  my friend, lend a hand!”
my cries echoed in the surrounding sand
where I lay, a dormant seed
an ignorant, insignificant bead.

Blinded soon by a beam so bright
I watched helpless, a losing fight;
the miracle brought joy in the end
of turning foe into a friend.

In the warm embrace of bright rays
of knowledge, promising meaningful days,
I danced and swayed in sheer bliss
of a new found friend’s loving kiss.

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  1. I love the layers of meaning, Vidya! Love does seem like sunlight to a sad soul.

    1. Thank you Corinne, you could see it as love wiping away sadness, knowledge wiping away ignorance, courage taking away fear.....

  2. Very cool. I like poetry like yours, with images I can actually understand. What a nice poem to wake up to today. :)

    1. Thank you, I believe in writing in simple language and being honest with my feelings. Glad I brought a smile in your morning!

  3. So beautifully portrayed and etched Vidya! Loved how you described it!