Monday, 26 January 2015

Compare not

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When they first saw the infant,
they spotted at that very instant
a squint of the eye, a scar on the thigh,
and deeply pondered why.

“The older one was fat and fair
with flawless skin and ample hair.”
they quipped in keen observation,
summarizing their evaluation.

Ensued a long, tiring journey
dodging and ducking their baloney;
comparisons many different kinds
conjured up in crooked minds.

Adolescence, youth, middle age;
the war never ceased to wage,
mediocre minds catching up
on stories of not matching up.

Isn't each one beautifully unique?
Do they deserve your hefty critique?
Pry open the windows of your mind
to new vistas, leaving comparisons behind.

Image courtesy: Google


  1. I fear, to compare is human. I can't help myself doing this. One tomato looks more ripe and so I pick the with with the deepest red. I agree we shouldn't judge, but how can we avoid the natural behavior?

    1. Yeah so true, it is really difficult..the best we can do is to refrain from comparing ourselves with other people...

  2. I don't like to compare;I hate it when sometime my mama compares me with anyone. :(
    Beautiful poem dear.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you :) We often tend to compare siblings and forget that each one is unique..

  4. Beautiful words. Comparison starts the very day a child is born and does it cease with the death? Sick minds do not even leave the dead.