Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Evil Eye

Image courtesy: Google

You can see me here and there
a red faced demon with an ugly stare,
chillies and lemons on a thread,
as the evil eye all do dread.

A black dot on a toddler's face
or on any beautiful space;
I distract all negativity
cradling them within, in captivity.

I gather the evil glances
from eyes where jealousy dances;
guarding health and happiness,
prosperity and prettiness.

I wonder, this evil eye,
isn’t it just another big lie?
I’ve been getting it all along
but so far nothing’s gone wrong.


  1. I guess it's what we believe. But I like how you've conveyed the message via a poem.

    1. Thank you Suzy. Such beliefs are quite common in India...

  2. Is there such a thing as the evil eye? I guess that is one of life's great mysteries. Of course, there are dark emotions coming from those around us, but I like to think we can ignore them.

    1. Yeah true, in India, sometimes people take it to extremes, blaming every unfortunate incident on the "evil eyes" of others.

  3. Evil eyes, I think, is just a negative vibe and has no real existence.

    You've nicely put the beliefs in your poem... :-)

    1. Yes, I think so too. In fact people, long back used to carry lemons while they travelled just to use them in case of fatigue!! Gradually it become a compulsory thing and began to be associated with Evil eyes!!

  4. lovely take on the common 'totka' I loved this - 'jealousy dances'! a nice read :)