Friday, 16 January 2015


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The air in my lungs and food on my plate
that have come with remarkable ease till date,
a roof over my head to shield me from harm,
a collection of clothes to keep me warm,

clean water, accessible, to quench my thirst,
sound sleep even on days that seem the worst;
for my barest of needs that have always been met,
to you I am grateful life; I’ll be forever in debt.

A healthy body and mind, a family of my own,
means to earn bread with skills I've always known,
for being part of society, for the things I've kept;
for this security I’m grateful and forever in debt.

The affection and care of family and friends,
an intimate relation and the warmth it sends,
people in my life who I can never forget;
for these loving ties I'll be forever in debt.

The faith in myself and a spirit resolute,
gestures that shower me with respect absolute,
accolades for achievements born from my sweat;
for this unique identity, I'll be forever in debt.

My needs for life are all being met,
inadequacies in them I haven't found yet;
among the lucky few to be fully equipped to grow,
my golden cup of gratitude will soon overflow.

P.S: This poem was inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that illustrates various levels of human needs. Self-actualisation or the need to realise one’s potential and become the most one can be, is right at the top, coming into the picture only if other basic needs are met. I realised that very few of us are actually at the top of the pyramid, in a position to explore our creativity and experience purpose and meaning in what we do. I am grateful for that. Being there, how many of us are actually exploring the hidden wealth within?

Read more about Maslow's hierarchy of needs here.

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  1. What a wonderful poem, expressing the way you respond to the necessities of life. Some of us are so lucky and we should be thankful. Never forget, there are others who have suffered hard times.

  2. Thank you Francene. Yes sometimes we get lost in a world of wants, that we forget what we already have.

  3. Quite powerful words and images here.

  4. Wonderful poem dear... we should be grateful for what we have from life....

    1. Thanks Arpita, gratitude does bring a certain amount of contentment :)