Monday, 5 January 2015

Woman of the Night

Image courtesy: Google

I am the woman of the night,
a dirty secret kept from daylight,
whose day comes alive at dusk
with a painted face and a touch of musk.

My captivating looks seek to lure
a man or two I am forced to endure
in silent pain and a lifetime of grief
so my babies sleep with some relief.

I live this life cursed and infernal
to fulfil instincts purely maternal.
The least I need is your heartless judgement,
an infliction worse than this predicament.

I am the woman of the night
erased from your life by daylight
before a fine gentleman you become
in whose life I’m most unwelcome.


  1. Powerful! Nicely penned, Vidya. ☺

  2. Powerful words given to women who usually have no
    voice. Very nice work.

  3. They are an integral part if our society yet they are treated as ghosts. It's time we accept them and give them better treatment and hygienic living conditions.

    1. So true, they exist because there are takers to their services. And as long as they exist, we should be more inclusive of them.