Saturday, 31 January 2015


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A distant dream
reserved for the cream-
those chosen few;
was the success I knew.

The smile on my face
on darkest of days
like bright sunshine,
said success was mine.

A dizzy escalation
calling for celebration
of unfolding life new
was the success I knew.

A simple pleasure
I pursue at leisure;
a word, dot and line
said success was mine.

A final destination
permanent coronation
a hill top with a view,
was the success I knew

Shedding wilted and worn
for the new leaves born;
a growing vine
said success was mine.

My failures and learning
flames of hope burning
simple joys bursting seams,
life with success gleams.

Successfully completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge :)


  1. It started as simple lines for me Vidya but then along the lines it turned beautiful, profound and so lovely! (might be just me... but I liked how you described it further.. thick and thin, simple things, success indeed) :) Cheers.

  2. Loved the poem, Vidya. Profound and powerful. I am in love with the last stance in particular. :) very well done.