Sunday, 4 January 2015

My blues

Image courtesy: Google

I painfully shed a tear or two
at our relationship wrapped in blue;
the growing silence between us
was ignored for long, without fuss.

Together yet alone, married yet loveless;
I sought the cause of this strange mess.
Was it greying hair or boredom?
Could it be the suffocating lack of freedom?

At the candle lit dinner we hardly spoke
As if over our food we would choke.
Did he have a secret love out of wedlock,
he who had always stood by me, my rock?

Convinced and curious I became a spy,
scanned his words for traces of a lie,
I got my answers that very night
when my face reflected an eerie blue light.

Yes that very blue, the light from my phone
in whose company my face always shone,
was the  culprit, the source of my blues
shadowing away my life’s many hues.

This post was written as part of the Ultimate blog challenge