Thursday, 30 April 2015


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Rohan carried the tray with crispy, buttery masala dosas and filter coffee to the table where Tara sat waiting. “I can’t believe we are catching up on our lives after almost a decade!” He found it strange that he felt immensely happy to bump into his long lost friend who had meant the world to him not too long ago. He felt a pang of guilt for letting their friendship fade with time.

They talked animatedly stopping in between only to savour the delicious dosas and piping hot coffee. Tara reminded him of those days when they had been extremely eager to do many things in life. “Do you remember the promise we made by the lake?” When he seemed puzzled, she reminded him.

“We had vowed never to lose the zest to live. We had promised to keep in touch with our silliest of wishes and passions and to never get bogged down by hurdles. You remember?” Tara was bubbling with an excitement and energy level that he felt he couldn't catch up with. He learned that she had followed her heart living all her dreams, taking up challenges with a smile, never belittling her resilience.

He felt tired to chase those dreams now. He felt old. Having settled for a comfortable desk job he had seen everything else in life as a burden. He had always chosen the easier route and compromised on his dreams. Every situation had been just a problem to be solved.

But now in a little coffee shop talking to her, he wondered if he had lived or just existed. Tara, the bubbly teen who he had once loved secretly, who he had rejected for fear of her optimism that he thought was blinding, had just made him fall in love again. With her, with life and with himself.

P.S: Today I have successfully completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge and A to Z challenge. It has been one hell of a journey with crazy moments, a true roller coaster. More than the destination, I enjoyed the happiness that the journey brought- the tiny ups and downs, the friendships that it fostered, the lessons I learnt, the confidence I gathered and some amazing blogs I read. A big thank you to my fellow bloggers and my readers :) Cheers to zestful living!

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  1. Congratulations for the completion and a wonderful last post. here's my final post

  2. I agree with that! My you continue squeezing out the lemons and live your life full of zest

  3. Very zestful indeed,just like you Vidya!!
    Congrats on completing this challenge successfully!!

  4. Completely agree! When you decide to live life to the fullest, you realize there was so much you were missing out on!! Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  5. If we can figure out a way to not let the life circumstances rob us of the zest we often have in our early years, we can figure out many secrets of life, I think :) Good post! And congratulations for finishing the A-Z.

  6. *applauds* Yours has been one of my favorite blogs this month! Here's to zestful living!

  7. What a lovely story for the grand finale, Vidya! Yes, zest for life is something that we lose somewhere during the course of our journey! Congratulations for completing the challenge with some amazingly beautiful stories. Enjoyed reading them. Cheers :)

  8. Hey, this is a beautiful and inspiring story. I remember this conversation with a friend sitting at Marine Drive when both of us wanted to be in film industry when she told, may be in another year you'll be in the industry. One day we will afford dinner at ITC. Over the years, we may have lost the drive but need to reignite the zeal coz we have no right to let dreams die so soon.

  9. And what an awesome story to wind up the challenge! Sorry it took so long to read all your posts but still it was worth it. Congratulations on finishing the race successfully. I am glad that I got to read your stories, Vidya. :)