Saturday, 10 January 2015


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I watched you walk away jilted
your face hung low and wilted,
I chose to keep you away
setting your thoughts in disarray.

I believed I had a choice
I was polite and made no noise,
it was my life, my decision;
that upset your planned precision.

But you came back unexpected
to show me you were dejected,
with a few drops of acid you spoke
and burnt my dreams down to smoke.

Brave, the warrior in me fought,
you thought I’d give up, distraught?
I battled the bruise and the blister
unwilling to succumb to the disaster.

I am not the body you scarred
whose features you savagely charred,
survives my spirit, strong as ever
keeping me bold and beautiful forever.

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  1. Beautiful ! It hurts me to see that humans can stoop to such pathetic levels for revenge :(

  2. Thanks Aathira! Yes, totally heartless beasts alone can do such things. Unfortunately their numbers are high.

  3. Sensitive, heart breaking, beautiful, emotional. Beautiful words.

    1. Thank you so much, your encouragement keeps me going!!

  4. Very touching dear, your poem is full of emotions....:)

  5. Beautiful and courageous! Thank you for sharing words that speak for so many.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Annie. I love penning my thoughts on social issues and being the voice of the marginalized.

  6. Bold and beautiful forever is the courage in a woman. Dropping in from Write Tribe Challenge.

    Visit us sometime Vidya.

  7. True indeed! I did hop into your blog yesterday :) It's interesting!!

  8. I would rather say BRAVO! Girl! Keep high the spirits. You are not the body, but the soul and the soul within you is definitely Beautiful.

  9. I am glad her spirit was strong, stronger than her body. And I'm doubly glad this is not a report of a real story, as I do not think I could bear to read it. Such sad atrocities that pains my heart... (tearing). <3