Saturday, 18 July 2015

My New Life

I'm back after a long break! It feels great to be blogging again but I am happy that I decided to take a break from all kinds of social networking media. It has been a refreshing two-month break from Facebook and I do not plan to return. I have had enough of people- watching and laying out my life in the open for others to see. Of course I am aware of the numerous benefits of networking sites, but I have reached a point in my life where I feel I cannot relate to the "socializing" anymore.

This post is not a critique about technology, the internet or social media, nor is it an attempt to recapture the readers of this blog who have been guessing the reason behind my absence. I have decided to blog when I have something new to say regardless of the readership of my blog. The number of posts, challenges and prompts don't seem to matter now. And I am not going to visit all the blogs in the universe to increase the viewership of my blog. I feel that I want to do things just for the pure joy I get out of it. Whether I am appreciated or not, criticized or not.

Competition and comparison have become very much part of our lives that often we fail to do things we truly desire. We forgo many of our pleasures just to seem "alright" or "normal". I have changed a lot as an individual in the last two months. I have made major changes in my lifestyle that I know are in the positive direction. I will definitely share my learning in this space. So if you are still interested and decide to follow Words from My Heart and Head, thank you :)

I have also started working with an organisation as a facilitator of learning. Yes! I am doing what I love a lot- teaching and learning. I will also be blogging or painting when I feel I need to express my thoughts and feelings. I will be living in close connection with nature (reviving those lost ties), rediscovering the joy of a clutter free, simple life and focusing on healthy, organic living.

These desires of my heart had been lying dormant in an environment of family and friends caught in a mad race to attain "success" or "the best life" the quality of which none really is sure about. But I have finally found the courage to stand by my convictions and to live life the way I want to regardless of what other people may think or say. I had been toying with the idea of turning Vegan for the past two years but I have finally begun that journey. It has not been easy at all, to convince "well meaning" family members about my right to have a choice.

I notice that my writing is a little rusty and needs a little oiling. So see you soon with another post. I would love to hear from you, but will definitely understand if you remain silent. I will still keep building this space with words :) Have a great weekend.


  1. Straight from the heart. Nature inspires the most and you have decided to live in close connection with nature. It's sheer bliss. :)

  2. I totally get it...and good for you! Life is short, and we must do what inspires us. I crave being in nature, and though I haven't given up social media entirely, it has a much smaller place in my life these days.

    We all have choices, but few of us make the choice to be true to our spirit. Congratulations to you for being one of those people.

  3. All the best for your journey

  4. Vidya! So good to see you here! I was wondering about you the other day. I did notice that you had deleted your FB profile. I wish I could do it too :( I'm way too addicted to stop now, I think! Anyway, so good to see you writing again. And don't worry, I'm a little rusty too on the writing side. You have company :)

  5. Thank god you are back! I have been missing you and your writings, Vidya. Couldn't find you in FB either. As long as you are well and alive, and continue writing, I am okay. Social media, number of visitors, comments, all those wear us down sometimes. I too got into such a dilemma. Even while writing I couldn't do it well because I was swallowed with the thoughts of what if the reader is not expecting this one. I figured I am writing for me basically.
    I would like to know the new chapter in your life in your coming posts. All the best dear. :)

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