Tuesday, 14 April 2015


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Being in love is the most amazing feeling I have ever known. Just a fleeting thought of my loved one brings so much joy and hope that I feel I’m living a dream. I have heard of love at first sight, friendship that turns into love, love that blossoms during adversity and so many other kinds of love. But this, it is so very different. Can you think of being in love with someone you have never met or known?

Well that’s the kind of relationship I am in. Love that took just a few seconds to happen. And once it did, I fell headlong into it. Love that grows day by day. Love that needs no words or gestures. Love that needs no proof. Love that keeps hopes alive. Above all, love that is truly unconditional.

My heart beats for him; he fills my thoughts throughout the day. He is in my dreams at night. He fuels me with optimism. He knows each and every breath of mine. I am his world and he is a part of me. Whoever said that falling in love makes you fluttery inside was not lying.

I am in love with the little one I cradle within me. I am in love with this journey to motherhood. I know for sure that this love will last forever. 

P.S:- All my posts for the A to Z challenge are works of fiction. Please don't congratulate me after reading this post!! ;)

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  1. I know that kind of love. And yes, it grows day by day so much that I feel pride that I can love someone like this. :) Loved this one, Vidya. :)

  2. The last lines....are these fictional or depict reality? If this is reality then I would like to congratulate you since this is the most unconditional love of all.

  3. I have always loved your fictions, Vidya. Loved the P.S. too. Great going. :-)
    And yes, I did fall in love with my (cousin) sister who I never met for first 16 years of her life. Long story... Just helped me recollect all those memories. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

    Anshul Sukhwal
    Event Photographers in India

  4. The challenge seem to get better and better Vidya... Great going !!

  5. You had me all the way but lovely ending...lol

  6. You had me all the way but lovely ending...lol

  7. Aww!! That is perhaps the purest form of love :) Absolutely loved this one Vidya :)

    Like It Happened Yesterdy

  8. Unconditional mother's love <3 I loved the postscript at the end :D

    Beautifully narrated, Vidya!

  9. yay! I guessed it :) and congratulations Vidya (after reading the ps.. i just couldn't help but write it :D ) on jotting down such a lovely post. Beautifully narrated indeed. Agree with Aathira here :)

  10. Love is an amazing feeling, but I think people are in love with the idea of love, than the feeling itself.

  11. I was pregnant twice, but unfortunately both pregnancies ended (miscarriage and stillbirth). Still, I am grateful to know this love. I never felt it until I carried a child, and it is magnificent!

    How 'bout I congratulate you on another fine piece of fiction?

  12. great piece of fiction then :D :D :D

  13. Good you told us that this is a work of fiction. Else, I would have said "Aww, Congratulations!! Wishing you happy days ahead!!"

    Loved your post! :)

  14. Aww! This is the bestest form of love!! Love it and loved your expression too :)