Friday, 20 March 2015

The Vigilante

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Here they come, the vigilante
to steal glances at our shared kiss
as they spray together in public
gallons of consecrated piss.

Here they are at a gathering
airing an endless roll
of senseless codes and conduct
which in life, is their only goal.

Even in a game of tennis
unsure of where to look
they ultimately settle for a skirt-
upon it a cover story they cook.

The vigilante never spares
a couple that holds hands
or ventures out on Valentine's;
love exists only in alien lands.

With not an ounce of shame left
they are here, there, everywhere
spend their miserable lives policing
preaching what to feel, think and wear.

Delusional custodians of culture;
much beyond their comprehension
is to tolerate, to include to accept
a peaceful amalgamation.

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  1. Very well composed poem, Vidya. We will find people of various belief and just can't keep everyone happy. One should love living a life irrespective of what others will think about them and how to keep (others) happy.

    Anshul Sukhwal
    Nature Photographer in India

  2. Nice take on them. They don't seem to have their own work, so are obsessed with others.

  3. They are everywhere. How do they get here? Good poem, Vidya, only "they" stink.

  4. Beautiful and superbly composed Vidya! With not an ounce of shame left they are here, there, everywhere. Well said!!

  5. How strange. Spray the piss? Not sure about some of the word choices, but you're making a good attempt.

    1. I understand your thoughts Francene. An indian can truly empathize with me on this because in India people can get way relieving themselves or spitting by the roadside..but public display of affection receives a lot of flak!!