Thursday, 23 April 2015


Image courtesy: Tumblr

Around me people exchanged hugs and pleasantries, partying merrily. There was a variety of food and drinks to keep everyone busy and content, but I felt I didn't belong. It was just not my idea of a party. I was bored to death and longed for company.

That’s when I saw her. For a few moments, it seemed as though the world had ceased to exist. God, she was stunning! An angel, a dark eyed beauty with soft, silky locks that fell on her shoulders. I was captivated by her looks and grace and felt a sudden urge to strike a conversation with her. I looked at her eagerly, each moment filling me with a magical feeling. She was truly magnetic.

She was with a friend, laughing about something. I stood there rooted, my heart racing and my thoughts running wild. That was when she spotted me and locked her beautiful eyes with mine. I imagined she had smiled at me. A wave of determination swept me towards her. She looked even more beautiful close up and I had to clench my fist to stop myself from stroking her tender cheeks. Would she mind if I held her hand? Or shared my feelings? I struggled to restrain my thoughts.

That was when I remembered my mom’s words “Never talk to strangers.” I looked away and slowly walked back to where mom and dad sat. A little disappointed, but happy at having resisted the temptation. “ I have to tell mom about this” I thought. Being a four year old wasn't as easy as she thought.


  1. Beautiful narration. The ending was completely unexpected. Loved the sweetness in it. Great to have connected via A-Z Challenge.

  2. How adorable!! Didn't see that coming :)

  3. Ha! Great twist! I don't think we ever stop being that four-year-old inside, either.

  4. Beautifully narrated and compelling. I love being a child inside:)

  5. LOL. Loved the twist at the end. Glad to have come across you through the AtoZ challenge.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  6. Awww!!! Isn't that such a cute story! Good one, Vidya. You managed to keep the suspense right till the last line :)

  7. Awww how cute! Even 4-year-olds have crushes, eh? SOOO adorable :D

    *Shailaja/Alternate Angles/A-Z*