Monday, 6 April 2015


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I nervously paced the deserted corridor that smelled of disinfectant. This was my first time and I didn't know how things would turn out. I said a silent prayer and wondered what it felt like to be on the other side of the curtained glass door. I was clueless and that made me feel left out. I wished I had someone to keep me company to reassure me that everything would be fine.

Would you like to come in?” A head popped out of the glass door.

“Is it allowed?” I wasn’t sure I wanted to be there. What if I screwed it up and fainted instead of feeling happy and proud?

“Come on in.” She said with a smile.

I changed into a green gown. I could hear my heart pounding and my mind suddenly went blank. I walked up to my wife who was propped up in an awkward position, and held her hand. She was happy to see me and managed to smile even between the bouts of severe pain that made her scream.
Her grip tightened, her face turned red and she let out a blood curdling howl. I watched as a tiny head and then a dainty body pushed its way out, into our world.

“It’s a girl. Congratulations!” Someone had said after cleaning up the baby and swaddling it before handing it over to a delighted me. It was one of the best moments in my life as I looked at her face staring back at me. I kissed my wife who beamed as she held our little princess. I couldn't stop the stream of tears.

“How does it feel? my wife asked me.

 "I am a dad!!! I feel euphoric!!” I said.

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  1. So beautiful..I can tOtally feel this emotion through your story. Left me emotional and happy!

  2. A feeling out of the world!! Truly euphoric!

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  4. Oh nice! I was wondering if it was a ballroom scene at first :D Yep, that feeling of parenthood is certainly euphoric! :D

    *Shailaja/Alternate Angles/A-Z*

  5. Aptly narrated, Vidya. The feeling is euphoric. :)

  6. How sweet. The birth of my babies were some of the best moments of my life. Truly euphoric.

  7. These moments are indeed very special. I keep visiting them again and again. So your piece made me emotional again! :)

  8. Such a proud and euphoric moment :) Loved this one :)


  9. I was intrigued by your introduction and loved how it turned out to be a father's reaction to the birth of his daughter. Hospitals do provoke some degree of apprehension!

  10. Awww!! I'm so glad he didn't faint and miss his special moment!