Sunday, 19 April 2015


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In this journey
together bound by love
Where hope steers us ahead
and memories leave a trail

Now is all we have my dear
to live, laugh and love
And do it all over again
like there’s nothing after

Let’s celebrate life
the journey we embarked on
The beauty around and within
to be savoured, nurtured

Moments lived fully
make great memories
And ignite the flames
of happiness and peace.

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  1. Lovely poem Vidya! This poem reminds me of Power of Now!

  2. Yes, Now is the time!! Lovely expression, Vidya :)

  3. Beautiful! I loved this :) So much of elegance in the way you have penned it.

  4. Very true, now is all we have to live, laugh and love. Just loved the poem.

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