Saturday, 11 April 2015


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Tonight is the grand finale of the much hyped Fashion Week which will see film stars and celebrities of the glamour world. I stare at my reflection as the make-up artist smears rouge on my cheeks. I am beautiful, easily the best model in the industry apart from Kate. But in a couple of hours that will be taken care of. She will no longer be a distraction.

Cythilicus is a powdery material obtained by drying rose petals in the dark and scraping their surface with a blade. It triggers itching upon contact with body parts which can last up to a few hours. I have managed to get hold of it in time for the finale.


Tonight is special. I have been the show stopper on most of the ramps I have walked. Today it is no different. There is a reason why I am a crowned beauty. My passion and years of dedicated hard work, nothing else. Whatever shortcuts she takes, Helen is not going to be able to change that.

Cythilicus can cause severe itches but I sincerely hope she recovers soon. I slip into another gown, and smile at my reflection. It was a well-planned “last minute swap” with Helen. She was caught unaware as Kevin, whose signature collection we are here to flaunt, and I gave her the news just before the show began. Funnily, the gown she will be wearing is a deep green.

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  1. What a creative way to send a message about jealousy and that there is something called defensive measures. Green, my dear, shows through and even shines vividly!

  2. You described to well the mind of these ladies... Wow... so sick... Great write up:-)

  3. Wow! You should enter a short story challenge, you have such an articulate and concise way of making me feel a lot of emotions.

    Stopping by from Pam's Unconventional Alliance, best of luck with the Challenge!

  4. Jealousy never does good to anyone isn't it? Loved the way described the thoughts of both the ladies :)

    Just Listen

  5. Well played, Kate! Helen got exactly what she deserved. ☺

  6. haha.. well written.. the emotion and the last line.. we write on the same again :)