Monday, 13 April 2015


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My sister and I got busy in the kitchen. She read out the ingredients from mom’s recipe book and I arranged them on the counter. Both of us aren't too keen about cooking, but we were determined to bake cupcakes to make a birthday special and memorable.

As I mixed flour, eggs, chocolate, sugar and the remaining ingredients, my sissy whipped up butter, sugar and cream cheese. Together we poured the batter into moulds and licked the mixing bowl clean as they got baked. When the lovely aroma of cakes wafted from the oven, we couldn't stop ourselves from believing that we had put together perfectly the ingredients to happiness.

With the frosting, they looked beautiful and delicious. We carried the tray of cupcakes to the flat where Mr. Sen lived. He opened the door to our collective “Happy Birthday”. He was touched by our gesture and had tears in his eyes when he said “I just received a virtual cake on Facebook from my daughter in the States. I don’t think I’ll ever find out how it tastes though.”

I looked at my sister. She nodded and I knew she had read my thoughts. “In fact Mr. Sen, we baked these on the request of your daughter.”

“She wanted it to be a surprise you see!” I stammered. We climbed the stairs back to our flat in silence, overwhelmed by a deep sense of satisfaction gifted by a simple act of kindness.

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  1. That was extremely kind gesture from the two of you. Highly appreciable. Kindness is so rare these days. People like you are special.

    Apurva Oka

  2. Its so touching, beautiful and so very kind of you sisters ! I am sure Mr Sen would have wept for joy..

  3. There are so many neglected souls like Mr. Sen. Loved it, Vidya! Your stories sure has a way of reaching into readers' hearts.

  4. Aww! God bless the sisters for making not only Mr Sen's day, but probably weeks or months! Lovely gesture and beautiful story, Vidya ♥

  5. Ah man! Now I really want a cupcake. :)

  6. And, another beautiful touching post here :) It's sweet, cute, and a lil brings immense happiness at times.. :) Superbly written Vidya!

  7. So sweet! An act of Kindness not only makes the receiver happy but the giver too.