Saturday, 7 February 2015

Uninvited Guest

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When life seemed flawless as in a dream, brimming with happiness, love and peace, arrived the villain like an uninvited pebble that creates unstoppable ripples perturbing the placid waters. I hadn't had enough of the love showered upon me by my daughters and husband when it came knocking, or rather forced its way into me.

Life was never the same as before when the megalomaniac had me possessed, completely at its mercy, as I prayed day in and day out for the arrival of a hero to curb its dastardly acts. I stared helplessly at the cancerian claws that chopped my beautiful tresses till I was completely bald, and ate its way through my insides like a gluttonous termite feasting on wood. I waited to hear its triumphant laughter upon conquering my body after which I would be truly freed from its clutches.

This piece of five sentence fiction is written for the topic Villainous at Lillie McFerrin Writes


  1. Great flow of words, Vidya. You have expressed the dreadful situation really well.

  2. Maybe you've overdone the melodrama a bit, but I see your point about how cancer attacks.

  3. The first paragraph almost flew like a poem.. :) Loved the description and the take on the prompt of the villain! :) (however, my point of view, I would have loved if the fight with villain, cancer, was also jotted here.. showing that even after confronting with inevitable.. there was life and villain wasn't victorious right from start.. not when she was freed.. my thoughts! sorry for the long comment.. :) )

  4. When I read the first line, I truly hoped everything is well and fine with you. I would love to read the last liner as "your triumphant laughter over the deadly illness".

    The narrative is catchy with the fineness in the flow of the words.

  5. Amazingly penned dear, I clearly saw your point of view on cancer attacks. I have nominated you for The versatile blogger award. You can see your nomination at