Thursday, 6 November 2014

Dawn at Dusk

As we stroll hand in hand
along the coarse beach sand,
our foot prints fresh and wet
witness silently each new set
while they fade away
with neither fuss nor delay.
A clean slate of sand
so golden, so grand
awaiting bare feet
of new people to meet,
each leaving their mark
some faint others dark

The whispering breeze so restless
loosening my curls into a mess
impatient, eager to share its tales
as we inched ahead like snails.
The swaying palms painted green
lean low to savour sights unseen.
The mighty giant deep and blue
weaves foamy frills of a different hue.
The golden sun now dons pink
a bright fuchsia before the sink
into the horizon so very vast,
bright daylight will soon fade past

Nestled in nature’s arms,
truly mesmerised by its charms
we feel the passion we always kept veiled
and caged within our tender hearts.
At twilight your words of love
seem like blessings from heaven above.
This love is meant to be
nurtured and celebrated for all to see.
Should silver hair at life’s sunset
strangle our feelings in its net?
So here it is, “I love you.
Let us begin a life anew.”


  1. Good Poem on the Beach Experience and the yearning to hear " those " words at twilight are beautifully expressed. God Bless you, Vidya, you have a flair for weaving magic with words like the title of this poem " Dawn at Dusk " ! I liked it.