Monday, 10 November 2014

Beauty therapy

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“You have very dry skin
and a very hairy shin.
A face laden with freckles
and wrinkles on your knuckles.”
“The hair so dry and frizzy
makes me feel so dizzy,
your curls a maddening mane
isn't combing it a pain?”

“Your heels sport many cracks
and below the eyes two dark sacks.
It’s strange you neglect beauty
That’s part of feminine duty.”
I who had never cared
Got so very scared,
wondered if I’d lose my beloved
who I had just recently wedded.

So drawing some courage
from the beautiful image
that my friends painted of me-
creamy, steamy, dreamy and filmy,
I entered the world of mirrors
that loudly proclaimed my errors,
to scrub myself to glamour,
to be my spouse’s charmer.

“Why-o-why you never came before,
dear girl who looks like a wild boar?”
remarked the concerned therapist
about my beauty in a gist.
My nightmare began- waxing,
threading, steaming......taxing.
Massage, pedicure and manicure
and other things too obscure.

I paid a heavy price
with tears in my eyes
Bleached face with rashes
that scorched my skin to ashes
“You've become too different
queer sight, feel and scent.”
His words filled regret in my head
As we lay two strangers on the bed.

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