Thursday, 5 March 2015


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Parents frantic, seek a match
people applaud as a good catch,
squeamish about qualifications essential
probing if incomes are substantial.

Essential is a job quite decent,
 with no stage in life quiescent
height and weight just perfect
complexion that doesn't deject.

Family name, fame and wealth,
education, hobbies and health
supersede matters of the heart
for a secure married life to start.

With the essentials in place
man and woman see face to face,
the best of them they showcase
lest they fall behind in the race.

In lightning speed vows are made
elaborate plans are then laid;
a game of luck has just begun
hope it turns out to be some fun.

P.S: This poem is written in lighter vein about the Arranged Marriage Market in India. It is in no way intended to hurt any one’s feelings. The debate over Arranged vs Love marriages is never ending. It works differently for different people. Ultimately all that matters is one’s happiness in life. Happy Holi!

Written for the prompt "Essential" at B-A-R
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  1. I agree. Each marriage is different. What works for you may not work for others. But as long as the couple involved are happy, then nothing else matters! Well written poem, Vidya :)

    1. Thank you Aathira :) To each one his own!

  2. Matrimonial column came to mind, Enjoyed your poem.

  3. Very well composed poem, Vidya. Loved reading it. Keep up the good work going. :-)

    Anshul Sukhwal
    Destination Wedding Photographer in India

  4. It's hard for me, as a former Australian and now an Englishwoman, to come to terms with arranged marriage. Yet our forebears did the very same thing. The man and woman would need to learn to love each other, or at least put up with them.

  5. I agree with you, I am really scared of arranged marriages, though in my culture they are quite common. However, I am glad I chose my life partner :)

  6. My ancestors practiced arranged marriages. For my grandparents, it was more of a matchmaking process with a person wanting to be married using the services of a matchmaker. My parents met on a blind date. That is set up by friends of two people seeking relationships, and the participants don't know who will be dating them until the start of the date. I would hate to have an arranged marriage for me, to not have any control over my fate, especially if I already loved another. Alana

  7. In India there were hardly any lovemarriages till about 50 years ago. Now the position has reversed. . a nice take on the prompt..

  8. It made me smile, Vidya! However, quite recently a friend has discovered her arranged marriage to be sham! Luckily she had the guts to walk out!

  9. After 9 years of marriage, I have come to a point that having an arranged marriage or a love marriage makes no difference in the long run. Its only the marriage which remains and the adjectives get blurred and omitted altogether. However, anyday a debate between arranged and love marriage would interest me. I enjoyed reading this post.