Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Memory Box

Image courtesy: Google

Tucked away within the powdery dust
of layered thoughts recent and crusted,
lies a memory box with secrets locked
by a promise ancient yet trusted.

A whiff of its dark air deeply perfumed
by a cherished childhood complete,
takes me back to days bygone
through objects that seem obsolete.

Its hesitant creak upon my touch
sends forth ripples of innocent laughter
from carefree days lived to the brim
with no worry of what came after.

I caress its contents treasured-
feathers dyed, leaves dried,
letters inked, stones that winked,
coiled cones bequeathed by the tide.

Cradled deep within my memory box
is a handful of special red seeds
and brown ones with silken white tufts
wedged between luck-bringing weeds.

The broken red of bangles, bright
as the untouched bits of a heart forsaken
Faded petals, dry and brittle
once crimson with the love I’d taken.

Inside my little memory box
that mirrors a life of perfection
I seek refuge on rainy days
to see a sunny smile on my reflection.


  1. Wow Vidya, this was brilliant!!

    I hope we get to see that sunny smile soon :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) I LOVE your blog!

  2. How lucky to have a treasure box of memories. I used to keep everything bundled up in a dhobi bundle at the top of my cupboard for many days till one day I thought it was just collecting dust and threw out everything before my kids did it!

  3. It is in my parents' house and I have lost quite a few things from it..but it remains a treasure chest to me. It is a hand-me-down metal trunk :)

  4. I wish I had a treasure box to rummage through on rainy days. Almost as good, we're clearing everything out of the living room at the moment ready for painting. We're discovering so many things we'd forgotten about.

    1. Looking at something from the past especially while cleaning definitely stirs up old memories :)

  5. Simply loved this one...we all had that treasured box in one form or the other, at times in some dark corner of our home and at other times in some silent corner of our hearts

    1. Yes a memory box that we can touch and feel and another one safely tucked away in our heart or head, or whatever :)))

    2. I still have my memory box at my native. Hope it stays the way it is now till my son grows up. I would love to show him the things i played with during my childhood days.

  6. This is so beautiful and evocative - I love it! Thank you for sharing this lovely piece.

  7. A memory box is so exciting. I've made one each for my children from their childhood. I hope someday they'll enjoy looking through it.

  8. I'm sure they will! Very thoughtful of you :)

  9. For some reason, this has made me nostalgic. I wish I could revisit those memories. I love your poems, Vidya :)