Monday, 1 December 2014

Rightfully yours

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Dear children of my cursed womb
I beg of you from my newly dug tomb,
to see how senseless was this fight
among tender hands that once held tight.

Those endless days of joy and laughter
veiled so well what was to come after,
that I prided in the perfectness
of the happy family I would witness.

 But age and ailment suddenly pranced
and wore me out as they advanced,
snapping the threads of brotherhood
I’d woven you with since childhood.

When you sought a fancied treasure
my grief and rue knew no measure.
This life of numbers that you lead
can never count the tear drops I still bleed.

When you surrounded me on my bed
I saw hungry vultures wanting me dead.
To the pain and grief I was ready to succumb
when I saw no love in your eyes so numb.

You abruptly had ample time at hand
to sever a precious piece of land.
With great passion you contemplated,
discussed, debated till you felt elated.

“The house for me, the shop and jewels for her.
The other one deserves not a single acre.”
The echoes of your heartless words
will haunt me even in other worlds.

I have only one thing to say
To the bits of my womb gone astray,
By claiming what you thought was rightfully yours
You have lost pure love that was truly yours.

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