Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blind Love

They were in love. They had decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Like any other couple their hearts were full of hopes and dreams of a blissful life ahead. They had accepted each other- the rainbow colours and the greys of their being. They walked hand in hand in the local park, dined out, went on romantic dates and drove around the city. They were truly happy.

They knew that their parents and others in their lives would never be happy about this relation. They knew all along that there would be a lot of questions to be answered, doubts to be cleared and whispers to be ignored. But they couldn't help getting involved. They felt it was a match made in heaven, with the blessings of all the powerful forces they believed in.

They decided to take the plunge and let their parents know. At first, there would be an outburst, but later they would definitely calm down. He was excited…and anxious. He left his office an hour early to break the news to his mother. She would surely understand. He could confide in her, the deepest of his secrets.

 As he reached home he saw his parents talking to each other animatedly in the study. As he inched closer to the door he went numb. It was as if all the warm blood running through him had suddenly crystallized into sharp needles that were tearing him apart from inside.  The words of his mother resonated in his head,” We will become the laughing stock of the town. Many people are suspicious. They have told me about their doubts. Our son is gay!”

G-A-Y. Could his life, his love story be confined and trashed mercilessly in those three wretched letters which when put together became synonymous to abnormality and shame? He silently turned away feeling cheated, defeated.

 Later his mother would show him some photos of eligible girls from which he would pick one randomly.


  1. No. Like many others, he will get married to a "girl". One can guess what kind of a life they will have together.