Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Alliance

Image courtesy: Google

“She’s getting too old!”
Pushpa aunty told.
“Better get her a mate
To escape ill-fate.
Let me help you here
With a boy so dear
We’re looking every where
For a pretty girl who’s fair.
Educated but homely
For our son so lonely.”

“You just saved us,
See what she does,
My daughter well-read
Says, marriage she won’t tread.
It’s a world she dreads
Being tied down by threads.”

“Oh! These girls so educated
Seem so agitated
Don’t they need a man
To give them all they can?
My son is just perfect
Same caste, same sect
Has a big fat pocket
Enough to buy a rocket.
Lucky, your princess
We expect so less
Just some cash and a car
You needn't go too far!
About jewels I won’t talk
As I know you’d have stock
From the day you had a girl
It’s been part of your world.”

“Thank you Pushpa, I feel so bright
To me the match looks all right
We have saved some money
For our dear little Honey
She’s ambitious and smart
Bright head and soft heart.

“That really doesn't matter
Girls’ dreams do shatter
It’s nothing very new
Mine did too.
In time she’ll be expert
At cleaning away dirt
Taking care of us
Without any fuss
Cooking up dishes
Will be something she wishes
Serving guests well
So that our hearts swell.”

“Pushpa, take it cool
For I ain't a fool
To give my daughter away
Go elsewhere to bray
I sure for you will pray
To get a girl one day.”
And my daughter, let her fly
The sky so high
Let her find her love
Who fits like hand in glove.”